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As The Whole

As the Whole goes along

Integration of all of the self’s aspects, views, issues, occurrences, visions, feelings, senses need to be collaborated all of the time to a degree and potency to set the Whole as balanced as plausible in reality to carry forward the centred self to what comes its way and insightfully directs in attitude and mannerism the trends and constants to now be se forth from this towards that. The vision and reality; bridging the aspects bringing forth the vision, desire or dream to the current moment reality, duly working with reality towards the vision by acting accordingly along the way.

As you carry your vibrational, emotional, mental, conscious attributes with you and adjust along the way inspiring the attributes to become lighter in vibration or softer in emotion, less potent, cleaner more neutral in thoughts, mental attitude all bringing about self integrity, self awareness, self presence. Not just lighter sides of life but the current positions of energy that are resonant with the working reality of the moment whether deep or dense in matter streams, shifting and moving around the spheres of aspects to become self aware of all resonance with all the energy that moves, vibrates, the emotions and thoughts that become. A constant is kept on the elements of how a sense moves or changes from this to that giving weight in growth or density to thoughts to be transcript in life trends to consciousness along side the emotional potency and changes building a knowledgebase of the whole self, carrying forward the self in manners which suit the working reality needs in direction or inspiration of the dreams or desires resonant with the vibrations of planets, animals, trees, plants, being, elementals…etc. becoming self aware of the aspects known or unknown relevant of the life cycles of life. The objects of matter or dimensional aspects of the same bringing through the evolutionary changes in knowledge to act and interact, to send and receive, building wisdom through lesser harmful thoughts more neutral than the moment, sharing the knowledge for growth of others in conscious deliberation of self desires or awareness’s.

Knowing that we are just energy in one regard helps sustain the belief of self awareness as energy towards other objects as also energy matter. Consciously segmented the bits that make the whole apparent. Questions coming through from interpretation of the vibrations already in place to request energy or answers or knowledge to self consciousness, and duly answers I the same regarding riding the spectrum of density activity of the reality from the vibrational or emotional scopes integrating the changes or adjustments necessary in the direction of life desires and  needs. We become more evolved every moment of everyday in every way just whether we consciously focus on this or that and there again adding all the vibrations or emotions or thoughts, mental activity together through all diversities brings the whole of the vibrational realms or emotional realms or mental conscious realms together as each layered with each dimensionally that to which gives grouped or shared consciousness in regards to where weight is given collaborated towards human desires and dreams and attitudes towards the aspects of global concerns to which is driven by the emotional grouped attitudes and the vibrational grouped attitudes that we are constantly tapped into bringing about our changes or adjustments in line with what is in essence already happened and we are just waiting or working the matter streams  to manifest that into matter that is dense enough to bring into our current conscious reality making sense from our position of view to change reality towards the emotional or vibrational aspects of which could plausibly be our reality in due course. Included within this collaboration is the vibrational, emotional, conscious attitudes of all life forms including universal energies all giving weight to growth and evolution in the directions of desires from that life form, planet, universe, person, animal, tree, plant, bird, flower changing the reality towards the vision held as current in trends of action. How we cat in regards to something matter in the direction we take upon it, so a denser approach will drive a denser reality, a lighter approach will drive a lighter reality.

As consciously holding these insights together is impossible an overview is a collaborated way of comprehending the initial moments and digressing into it by means of trends to grasp more and more depth as it gestates from this to that getting deeper and deeper as you go along as intended to do so by belief or desire for your reality to change, will not generally happen overnight without firstly doing the ground work, but can in conscious reality shifting quickly for new insights as we trend our consciousness to be prime and only reality of awareness. The shallower the reality the more shock is apparent to becoming that to which we are as wholly going on within the self. All of this is bringing the aspects of whole to a matter of reality for current conscious awareness for means of interpretation and this in itself is only a small fraction of what is attempted to be represented but as an overview should by means of intent be broad enough to comprehend in today’s reality of movements or occurrences of matter conceived today, as the attitudes and group awareness or realities change the depth and need of referencing in this way degrades as more is understood in other manners of self communication, as people become more able consciously aware to decipher consciously that which is apparent in themselves already. So all in essence is a presentation of knowledge scoped from various positional aspects of human self as wholly seen and deciphered by me. Representing the aspects of depth in various regards and given an overview mentality to be neutral not defined as my way or you should but a referencing of what is to me a known whole of self.

The journey is endless as evolving the journey in the directional manner today becomes already apparent and manifesting the current positional reality to which in turn manifests the energy to drive the desire or dreams towards the deeper aspects and so continues, life after life, again and again, how the current positional feelings are, are what is previously intend by means of trends acting accordingly in the current moments of reality as the whole self. The areas being vibrational, emotional, conscious are all relevant for means of action or interaction in this current reality, shifting around the conscious awareness shows you this by your own means is its not to believe me but believe in yourself to see what it is in you you are resonant with. Duly becoming consciously aware of the elements that your positioned or aligned with as part of the whole of the self or group or planet or universe. Depends how far reaching your unknown perception is until you become wholly aware of everything that is relevant as in plausible and integrating the relevancies into self aspects or elements or modules making a conscious awareness increase to your whole of self. Insight in the same regard as within you consciously seeing all of this becomes externally aware of seeing this within all too some degree.

Need to allow for things to change to see changes that occur regularly.


From the depth of our existences comes the insight, through layers into reality.

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