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Bridging Reality

Bridging Reality and Vision

When working with reality you see and know all there is to know by means of interaction search and find read and write to collaborate your own thoughts and views on any given aspect of that reality to which is relevant to you. The bridging comes from what you perceive to what is. The reality is the daydream state to visionary express your idealistic personality to how you see it evolving. By means of trends and constants sub-consciously within you will define the process to proceed in the direction of your mental aptitude. If you want a more peaceful harmonious and harmless state or planet then this is driven into every little aspect of what you do while doing it, by means of how you want it to become but the bridging is to work with reality as is, the static matter given to you to work with or development you falls inline with that which matters to you so you can integrate the elements into your whole self attitude on where your vision is set to drive in the direction you perceive. It’s a dynamic which changes as fast as it is shown. The moment you think about it it has changed or moved or re-positioned and duly takes a period to position itself again towards your next development cycle to include your vision of self believe and ideals.

Setting the zone or framework that you wish to co-exist in becomes a segmented programme to which wholly comes about as a whole as you. The consciousness dealing with the realities is to set the trends for progression to the consciousness dealing with the insights and dreams of what you desire. In so doing you can bridge the differences identifying which is real (current) and dealing with the current and also the visionary (unrealistic) idealistic, egotistic mannerism to self. This is where a lot of confusion comes from where by we have capacity and ability to do both the external objects we create mostly do not. We see depths and progression of something far greater than it is and expect it to be so which is true to the extent of the vision but needs to gain weight and progress through a gestation period of the energy to move and come about to meet the required vision. In changing that vision regularly the changes direction to meet that to which is now the direction of flow towards health, happiness, material objects, money, desires, emotions, vibrations…etc.

We are in this regard in control of our destiny but within the framework we set for ourselves. We cannot interrelate to all aspects or objects of life consciously as our consciousness is in part only a small percentage of a whole we have the capacity to identify with. The reality and visionary self. This is fed by means of unconscious interaction in reality and the whole self aptitude of direction of self evolvement and duly progressively outwardly to all else. The sub-conscious is the part that has the trends and automated scripts of your routines and procedures what to do and how to do it without conscious thought or interaction. This being the identity to true self whereby true self is a lot bigger than just the trends of this lifetime. Its all of everything you can plausibly imagine and more.


From the depth of our existences comes the insight, through layers into reality.

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