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There are layers and spheres from source to destination. The best explanation I can give is that you as a whole are a sphere of energy that includes all of what you are and connected to, matter streams. When you talk you muster or manifest that to become the words that transpire out of you towards the other person. The depth of this is best explained in layers where the energy manifests vibrations as it moves, the vibrations manifest the emotions that are transpired by the electro-magnetics to keep formation to the form you sustain as you then duly the manifestation of emotions is deciphered by thoughts in the manner you choose or have chosen in you life trends then duly that resonates verbally with the matter through your vocal mechanism, voice to pronounce the words. Cool..!!!. There are some brain waves involved, polarities involved senses and trends of involved but general overview is this route of what is deemed today as dimensional manifestation. The presence of you is all of this together that is transpired so if the receiver is aligned with a reality that vibrations are more potent as a prime awareness of conversation then it’s the vibrations they will pickup and manifest, duly decipher in there way in there life trends. This is where the thoughts are close or exact to the thoughts of the sender, clairvoyance type reality. The same to be said for the emotional aspects or areas or realms. As is the thoughts and brain waves before the words in there vibrational density is deciphered or understood, the choice of which way to comprehend comes from the individual, by life trends, global language or grammar manifestations for global communication or sharing of knowledge’s to transpire. So the whole of you moves across to the other person as does themselves and insights come from interpreting what is deeper than your conscious reality. At a vibrational comprehension your reality is someone else depth of insights hence differences of opinions or ideas. Some are learning to develop there energy selves and others are teaching the aspects, all of what is manifested is in part at various depths relevant in its type or function or procedures that which resonates the same in type or functions or procedure with ourselves hence learning from other organic entities, like the planet, but in the same way you identify something is going on with someone you can in the same way by trends of conscious awareness identify changes or adjustments in other entities or beings as we all resonate from the same vibrations across the planet and manifest and decipher accordingly. the diversities involved are millions times more complex than we currently manifest to current days matter or words.

Conversing in words is perception only affecting the focal point to where the words are directed, the emotional communication expands on the same and vibrational again. Living in a relative and real vibrational realm you exist with greater depth of understanding which duly builds by trends and constants you set to gain overview or comprehension of everything in the world and how it plausibly relates to yourself as you current reside, same as you do know, including the aspects of now but also more and less harmful or resonant due to reality differences. As the density of your existence changes so much that only in a small part does denser mater effect you in terms of its potency of becoming as your resonance is in part of the manifestation build of the density of matter for common comprehension.

The essence of the whole of you transpiring across to another person means that all of the aches and pains emotionally, mentally, physically are transpired as well. Its in this way that you pick up and set your own aspects of the same from another by reading or deciphering the energy or vibrations and setting a mannerism that suits, common ailments and virus’s spread in the same way. As the same energy attributes exist to be manifested in matter to become the relevant potency to exist as it does. Grasping the whole understanding of the self gives a deeper awareness to interact with the energy before becoming too potent and affect the physical aspects of the self. Catching it early on by instinctual manner gives more understanding about your self and functions and procedures the more you will understand the relativities of the same in other manifestations. All becomes one.

Comprehensions and perceptions grow as you grow it like life as you see it, so the more focus on any aspects within the self and watching then guiding how they are moving or coming about and giving relevancy too builds the life comprehensions as you know it today or not in most cases, I don’t really have any questions about life just questions on deepening my self to become one with the whole of the self to exist with all and everything and resonate with all and everything. Everyday gets closer and the finest detail becomes the greatest abilities. So as I continue I grow in depth and of life. Developing and evolving the soul to be purer than before every step of the way. Increasing potency where necessary to act or re-act and sustaining the balanced centred self as a means of vessel. To this I dedicate my life to be my life as it is my life and interacting with all else is there in part or I am part of that to which is moving or shifting causing effects to occur and need attention. What comes to you in any realm has the responsibilities of you to interact or not with it. How you do it is up to you. We created the reality of today by doing just what we deemed necessary to do and driving ourselves towards perceivable aspects from insights, all the matter objects today are from these elements of self. My view is the more I understand but the elements of self the more I’ll understand of any given object when approached to my consciousness, or become consciously aware of the functions or procedures, or representations of what is not just whether it is perceived as this or that but what I can perceive from the perception of this or that, deepening the insights.

When you get through the self or selfish mannerisms to comprehend yourself you’ll grow in understanding of what is occurring around you in the same, it won’t be long before you see all of everything as life, moving and adjusting to movement and adjustment, vibrating the comprehensions to layers of conscious realities to act or re-act accordingly to how you wish to inspire the world. The insights of many are transpired to become the insightful actions of a few in the correct positions. People all over the world are working at these layers or realms, just not consciously aware of it but it is relevant to you and your daily routines or emotional dealings or physical actions as well as nature itself or animals and plants. Everything is communicating via vibrations and in themselves as whole is deciphering and moving the way or direction relative to the global consciousness as is by what is more potently relevant that everyone is giving weight to. The energy of the planet is affected in this way as well. Cause and effect the manifestation process is sending energy from the planet to create the manifestations of visions to which the more denser the matter the more energy required to sustain its reality so the planet has been manifesting all of this matter with hardly any return, giving weight to energy to replenish and refresh or lighten the matter gives weight to the planets well being as a whole, she will balance herself as we do all is relevant as all is relevant see how you overcome and adjust to situations and see how the relevancy of adjusts from the planet occur in the same just as you have. The trend of insights from humanity is heading in this direction of depth of insight and lightening the density of vibrations to sustain a balance for universal movements that occur. As in the planet and the universe, the majority of beings or entities by means of insights, gives the more potent aspects to direction of evolving.

As with all the relevancies we see today as physical reality, we see also wholly as emotional reality but do not give conscious weight too this is current days spiritualism formulating the relevancies of the global infrastructure known as the world by means of emotion and see and more importantly feeling the way to go or feeling the options available or feeling the way things are rather than just thinking as the thoughts come from the essence of feelings and deciphering reality relevancies to sustain the overview known to you from your knowledge areas, life trends. Everyone combined together creates a global understanding of what is si it requires everyone to understand it to define an overview see able by all or in majority of. The same progression will occur with vibrations once the reality of emotional realms are accepted and duly interlaced with reality known today. See the depths and adjustments in vibrations on TV, films, announcements, emails…etc where by the relevancies of what is being less harmful in terms of emotional potency, even the slightest change is a massive progression. See this from all points of view or plausible life trends and experiences as this in turn gives weight to your own comprehension. Not to worry about holding it all consciously as once acted upon it becomes forever present in your electro-magnetic self to align where necessary and adjust at will. This is to do with seeing the past history of self and other objects or timelines gone. Letting go of the past brings about more energy of yourself to direct into the self to comprehend and understand as to living in the moments of dimensional depths will guide you by your own means the relevancies and desires of what you have in that moment, as in the whole of the self with all the emotions, thoughts, vibrations of the planet. Did you know that you pick up other peoples thoughts so the bad or negatively termed thoughts are not necessarily yours, they are now but come from either past life trends or others inspiring the thoughts and the action you choose will sustain its direction, to ignore will just hold up the energy in you and grow as you comprehend or continuously ignore it consciously, to decipher and understand it and give it direction outwardly harmlessly as possible towards another that requires its design to learn from or adjust.

Without thought, you can exist without thinking about how to by allowing the emotional aspects to come through watching the thoughts transpire as they are interpreted by your sub-conscious trends and watching you physical body act accordingly. When you get drunk is good example finding your way home by internal attributes set by you, letting go of the holds of matter trends to give weight to a new direction for the flow of energy to go, see it come about through you lighter less potent more harmless than before then watch your own re-actions and actions internally and externally and how it is received to the same. Cannot control another, everyone has the right to be free including nature, planets, animals, birds, humans, planet, universe. Acceptance of this is not easy to transpire initially as we have grown with lack of respect for this consciously but that’s ok that’s just living how we live with reality, reality through many thousands of years has led to this reality to interact with and accordingly be present as a presence to but who you are now. Changing it is your choice by changing elements of you. Start with something simple like just being aware of something harmful to another, like an animal, then progress it towards how you perceive it, then change the perception by giving instruction to self that you wish to perceive it as a harmful thing, would not like it done to you mentality, then progress it again into a belief befitting the perception that you believe it to be wrong or harmful and it will transpire to your thoughts and actions to act accordingly not to causes harm to that animal and give weight to the animal becoming purer and less afraid of the situation happening again. Slowly the reality of both of you will change as the manifestation stream, matter stream changes with the intent and adjustments made. Same process or procedure applies to anything, including within you. My life has changed dramatically and I’ve changed it, by deepening my self I’m changing it consciously but I’m only touching the surface of plausibility as there is a plethora of abilities and aspects, and bringing in my understanding of design of the whole self I am only in part aware of the grand scale of things happening so acceptance of those I give to do what it is they do and action will occur when necessary, i.e.. in the moment the action is required.

Not everything needs to be dealt with now it all transpires with its own movements and duly at a certain point where the positions of energy request you’re involvement or you choose it the action for your movement is required, but even this will occur in vibrational manner first and duly at some point you will interact consciously and physically in the manner you’ve have chosen to your way. This is why you see things you need to do before you actually need to do them.

I’ve thought and ask myself the question why people are different and what transpires to me is that the energy system as a whole must be represented as a whole so the entire, smallest aspects combine together to become the greater whole. Does bring much more relevance to friends, families, teams, groups, societies, cultures or countries, the planet as a whole including all inside her.


From the depth of our existences comes the insight, through layers into reality.

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