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Speed of Discovery and Depth

Because of the nature of the energies and movement and depth that you aspire too you become faster and deeper in regards to how you interpret what is in many layers of existence, life transpires very fast in terms of cause and effect but slow in terms of reality, the reason being because your working deeper than before the depth of your cause and effect doesn’t need to surface to the density of your reality, life gets easier by means of dealing with more in terms of depth. The deeper your relevancy to self reality focus the less resonance applies from yourself to your reality, life flows by as the need to interact in physical reality is already in essence been done, dealing with the emotional attributes before they enter polarities to push and pull, or magnetize negates the matter stream from reaching the density layers. Just gliding through life has multiples of aspects where you could deal with just the essence that is harmless at a deep layer and harmless attitudes in you are not surfaced to density of your reality to consciously need to interact with reality harmlessly. Duly the harmless nature of self shines through without any restriction or filtering from an inner depth so you have an ability that is seemingly your nature. The more aspects or elements of self work in the same regard, this is why highly spiritual people have a resonance of calm and wisdom because the majority of their self is sustained at a depth deeper than the current Perceptional reality, but we do this from many different points and positions, to which we can drive ourselves to become that to which is calm and harmless in our own way with our own freewill of choices and options available to what we intend of ourselves.

All of these are dynamics, where you’ll grasp something there will be much much more consciously surrounding it available for options or learning or adjusting. Acceptance that we individually do not know everything in fact we know very little in comparison, but like the inner workings of all we work with our conscious comprehension in the same let your consciousness flow and bounce around from this to that try not to hold up the process by holding onto one thing and see how it transpires and develops so that an overview of the inner workings like a management console can be comprehended and understood, where necessary more reality knowledge is necessary to understand the scope or depth of the parameters being understood to learn from or educate to duly, the matter streams run always as energy is us and visa-versa so the direction is important to what transpires. The slightest little thing can lead to the greatest insightful awareness consciously to cause your dreams to come to fruition. Deny nothing but put relevancy and understanding to it as you would understand it, do not worry about you understand more or less of something that is being shown as it will have different positions by means of your life trends and destiny. Best advice I can give how I do it is to comprehend it (as much or little as possible) and then let it go. The remaining insights and depths trying to be understood will come through when they are in position of your conscious awareness. This is also relevant for the live your life phrase, by doing what you do.

Relevancy of the relevance is to evolve something to something else in terms of re-position. What is relevant to one is relevant to many, what becomes of the relevance is the relevance inspired.

Everything is seeded from the seed first placed to become the relevance of the insights to be inspired by choice of its seed. As the seed becomes the seed evolves and moves into fruition to seed another as it goes.

To be or not to be, is not just the question, it is also the answer.

Have fun with life and life will have fun with you. To inspire the energies to come in abundance, abundance must be given for the trust to be earned.

Learn to live a new as it all renews.

Renewal of life learns from the learnt to become the whole of what is relevant to the planet, earth. Driven by demands of this or that, inspired to be from within or is it that.

Design and architecture let the creative flow, see the world not just as static is can be known as so.

Wisdom in me, wisdom in you we all inspire the global view.

Learn from each other as each other will know just there part of the whole Universal show.

From what one sees the other may not, from the other seeing the other may not, from the both of the two you’ll see a view grander than before so not to worry about the differences any more.

As you go through depth and build trends of insights and understanding the next moment you arrive at the object or element again you perceive faster the relevancies that you sustained or integrated before and inspire again the depth of view, keep the process going on everything that comes your way in all aspects and growth of depth as in deeper awareness comes about causing the cause and effect to relate to every cell in your body bringing around or evolving the self to become broader and deeper than before, this in turn requires more physical matter as in bodily elements to inspire 12 DNA strands to sustain the immediate knowledge when arriving or receiving energy of something an object, or element so you see more, understand more, perceive more duly the deeper you go from your reality your reality is trailing with you less is resonant to your realities as current day, your reality becomes more apparent to your emotional or vibrational self depth and sustains that by means of your choice of constant, has to build by moment and moment to become present as is now for the previous moments, letting go of old notions and actions but relating to moments of what is plausibly the best for all for me to act now. Not for the future and not for the past.


From the depth of our existences comes the insight, through layers into reality.

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