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The Embodiment of All

The essence of self I see as a massive whole lot of energy with properties that do this or that which inspire this or that and all collaborate and moves into position for a small percentage being pushed into denser vibratory fields known as human self so the aspects of what I am as human is the embodiment of all that I truly am. All the thoughts, feelings, emotions, vibrations, physical parts  and elements everything is therein part of that whole, conscious can only perceive that in part a small percentage of as my conscious mind itself is part thereof that density to which my soul energy pushes through the dimensional physiology to become ever present as the self. This is also gives understanding that I am greater than I perceive and gives weight to comprehensions deeper than I can perceive only in consciousness with a physically dense reality. The aspiring self is to become whole present to which I will never be able to hold consciously the entire self but the entire self can be me as a purely filtered self unfiltered. The less restrictions and filters I place or filter I release from the self the more that flows through the denser aspects becoming purer in density than before. Clearer, cleaner, lighter than previous to which I can become ever present. In this regard as well the insights and views of external aspects or elements is far greater than I perceive so that I truly know as in the whole self all relevancies and can only relate to that which is denser into my consciousness. As the modules of the whole sself come about and act in regards to potency that I drive in the directions I go emotionally, thoughtfully, physically I cycle round the internal events and segments to scope out an overview of entire self without ever needing to know the entire detail, so pressures therefore are relevant in regards that the entire self has a necessity to overcome or interpret the relevancies of something without conscious comprehension so that once learned the aspects of the whole self if necessary can be relayed into my conscious density to relate where necessary.

Trusting these aspects of the self is hard to come by but as you go along through the years the awareness grows to become more aware of that to which you’ve locked down and ignored or disregarded, the perception changes towards the awareness that changes and broadens as well as belief making the trusting progress a means of Trust is Earned by constant interpretation of the inner workings of human self. Every little seed has a design to grow and evolve to the extent that it is to then become greater than that it was before. Giving relativity to the self gives understanding the in any given situation there in insights and instincts are vital aspects to be consciously aware of to become ever present in what is now, hold-ups of past or future events cause the consciousness to relate events to that regard wasting in essence energy to feed that. The external attributes of entire relate to all things that are present, if you can think it it already has been thought of, if you can see it it has already been seen and if you can hear it it has already been heard and then the gestation period of bring into a finely tuned consciousness occurs if the need is desired. Freely filtered consciousness will pickup elements straight away your senses are divinely attuned to your whole self and duly emotions will follow and thoughts or dreams whereby your emotions present themselves and physical knowledge of conscious reality of the self aspects being fed through densities. The deeper you are in terms of reality of self the faster interpretation of all that is will occur, happens very fast and duly through thoughts you will notice more than is translated into physical words or writing.


From the depth of our existences comes the insight, through layers into reality.

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