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Filtering System

There is no me, there is no thoughts, there is no words, there is no action, there is no past, there is no future just all bits of information, knowledge, functions, methods, procedures …etc as they are and interaction with is prime reality now in any aspect. We aspire to become without becoming to aspire, we are what is and not what is, to be the presence of all centred and whole becomes present as thyself in all of what is, if what is moves or shifts or changes as do I and identify with what is and as I adjust to what is in me we adjust accordingly. Cycle of life, comprehension of understanding or knowledge and wisdom to drive through and inspire the new not to come but now new one.

In aspiration to be as great as can be we are great to be able to see. To become that which is we are already that to which we are not and not that which we are. To sustain a moment in position is to digress its path or function or method or procedure to how consciously it suits the need in me. We discuss and chat about the aftermath of what is without cause to change it until we perceive it or believe it.

With technology in its mess to be perceived as is we inspire the need to change its greed the containment comes from depth of awareness that the energy in deed suits the need, for all that is must first be a matter stream to become that object matter of perceivable need. Identifying with what and how it all comes about instead of adjust it rebuild and manifest its gleam. Building the elements of today to be is a need to become reliant of earthly need to feed the earth with what we can inspires the same from her to our hand. Appreciation and respect of life on earth fist must become that which are birth, filtered through the moments and positions that be to direct and send the information of need as is it is and becoming will be as more weight is given to that need. Rather than the scope of what’s wrong build in light in mind that which you want. Deep resonance resides with what it is and almost instant ramification exists, the aspects of matter streams must flow its way building potency as all buy in mentally come to say the vision is good but include this bit as I can see there is more it. Initial scope is the overview to be the function, procedure and methodology. To sustain the energy to become that which is filtered through devices we miss. Crystals rock in terms of today as they are in essence a saviour our way. Elements within deep they go to filter through the ancient knowledge to know. Re-cycle the energy that comes to you this day and re-disperse to heal and re-evaluate the means to be in essence free from the extreme densities.


From the depth of our existences comes the insight, through layers into reality.

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