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As you develop the elements within you, you grasp more understanding in a particular moment tat gives weight to depth of understanding as you carry yourself forward, only ever focusing on depth within each moment. The only thing you need worry about is now and by the time you worry about it it has passed, so no need for worry to manifest in potency or pressure. Simply existing is the key to developing self awareness, perception and belief, just give an understanding or direction of insight towards visions or dreams to inspire the new comprehension of what it is you are about individually. So if inspiring better health your acts in the moments of food and nutrition are key towards that end, eating healthy food instead of junk food. The growth comes in when constantly eating healthier foods over junk foods become more apparent to self as mostly need healthier options and this is a trend cycle whereby more and more healthier or fuller foods are natural products aligned with the growth of the planet rather than chemicals, the less and less chemicals you eat to healthier and healthier options becomes forever present in you as a constant duly aligning with self physical attributes fulfilling the inspiration requirement for a healthier living. Each and ever smallest act towards your vision is become part thereof the whole vision of perfect health.

The same with emotions, whereas emotional conversations that lead to a mirrored end just bouncing the conversation backwards and forwards builds up pressure of that emotion until it is out of scope for self presence and you blow a gasket so to speak but if you start from the position of anger, say, then drive that emotion to love and kindness or harmless mannerism the end game becomes different and seemingly the issue resolves itself quicker more efficiently as the energies needs or functions are addressed by raising the vibration of the emotion becoming more evolved by intention from the self, just having a conversation or argument. All conversations or words are for this end, just working with energies that are present and needing direction to become aligned with the internal vision you hold for yourself. So if you want world peace then everything that is thrown at you emotionally is what it is either love, anger, hate, fear and inspired towards the emotion necessary to carry out or align with that presence of self desire, you choose with your conversation how it manifests, to the same end or lighter end meeting your divine growth of self development by doing it.

It’s all about the energy. Everything is in everything we just related to what is potent in one to another. Pure energy becomes that to which is necessary in whatever density to become the present reality to be dealt with, similarly if dealt with or adhered too the vibrational or emotional aspects of the energies matter stream or manifestation into vision or reality then there is no further need to manifest it further than it is as it is fulfilled at the dimensional it was addressed in.

All that is current relates to all that is forward by means of direction of thoughts, direction of emotions, directions of vibrations, direction of words. Energy coming in from above, energy coming in from below; deciphered and expelled or filter as you know. Giving weight to express the energy through you to become greater than before in direction of your vision. Others pickup the vibratory aspects of what they are about in art to the whole and whole learns and grows, you attract or decipher the elements that are necessary to you, you manifest those into forms and emotions into thoughts and awareness to comprehend by insights and visions the aspects of life as you go along. As all of everything enhances their attributes and belief’s then the energy can work towards those developments. Must always allow for the element of reality as what is reality is the real in terms of aligned in majority focal point for your reality. As your depth of comprehension increases and you deliver and adhere to more aspects deeply the reality of self changes when it hits in most part that to which your focal point from consciousness relates. If you believe in objects the things you can see and touch then you will only exist consciously in a reality that matches your criteria. If you openly believe in all of everything your realty becomes just that all of everything then the aspects or elements of the self work towards the desired reality of self. Manifestation of your vision. Continuous development will ascertain the sub-conscious relativities of events and occurrences in your life. So if your reality is emotional and you act emotionally to everything then what comes at you or you decipher or magnetize is emotional reality. Because consciously you have a framework or scope of reality that to which you deem your scope or arena of life only that to which is within it can be relative to your insights or reality. If your conscious framework is global r universal then all that exists has relevancy to all that is within you at any layer of Perceptional understanding, as you grow you become aware of masses amounts of information relative to comprehend and understand then chooses this direction or that seems less of struggle as the field of all is universally wide and there’s no way you can comprehend the universe in one conscious physical mind as it does not comprehend the others so the tasks therefore are to work in part of the whole growing an overview of comprehension to the self to gain wholly an understanding for each little aspect of relativity. Life becomes grander but also becomes seemingly simpler as only the current aspect you are working on now is the focal point necessary to gain depth in understanding and to grasp that part of the whole, vibrationally, emotionally, thoughtfully, verbally, physically.

As you grow you gain knowledge and grow again, evolution of self. Includes all of everything ever made thought of, desired, comprehended and we in turn work from the current global consciousness in terms of global vibrational platform that dynamically changes as we change, constantly becoming or adhering to this or that growing and inspiring all that is relevant to the individual self. Everything and everyone becomes part of the whole, this is why globally there is someone aligned with parts of the whole everywhere so that the whole in terms of energy can be adhered too and worked with and inspired to grow and evolve as we grow and evolve our souls towards the means necessary to learn and understand, to heal and address, to comprehend and share wisdom towards a globally aligned focus of vision inclusive of planetary elements, all life forms, the whole planet as one with the whole Universe as other planets and stars and systems go about in turn the same methods and procedures inspired and acted in terms of individuals realities to Perceptional give growth or evolution to the Universe.


From the depth of our existences comes the insight, through layers into reality.

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