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When I think about what it is I use different presences when doing so if I relate to things of matter and polarities I relate or regard things in a yes, no, right or wrong attitude. As I see or perceive things in thoughts I come from a presence of neutral attitude whereby no matter what is, I choose to not decide this way or that but see the neutral aspects of it that it can be either or not. Giving understanding that the direction of it can go either way in any which way. The emotional attitude of presence comes in from feeling my way with the same attitude that it is neutral I am balanced so that anything comes my way change the emotional presence so as you identify with all aspects of self emotionally you become aware of you own individual understanding of the movement or adjustments whereby your self needs to act by moving or adjusting to become balanced again, this working with your aura, electro-magnetic system. The same to be said for the vibrational relevancies to the same all of this is happening at the same moment just depends which area of self you choose to point or position your conscious awareness to it. The vibrational realm or attitude is the resonance with the balanced self and in the same as emotional but also a much more broader reliance on relevancies internally and externally, the emotional aspects have less relevancy by perception and the thoughts less again and the words less again. The global ramifications and awareness’s that something happens globally it resonates by means of global awareness throughout the planet which we pickup and decipher our way, a lot to do with Lunar cycles as well. So I go about life with these aspects of self awareness seeing and doing what I do in the normal fashion and working with my vibrational fields there are no needs to emotionally work with it as well, the vibrational adjustments, adjust the emotional aspects simultaneously and as the emotional is changed to balance out from the vibrational the thoughts are balanced out neutrally and duly the words. So you are present in which ever aspect you wish to be but the lighter and less harmful impacts of vibrations bring about a much more harmonious attitude to which then inspires the attitude as current trends to the sub-conscious making your presence as a lighter vibratory being, Angelic.

We pickup and decipher through these realms or dimensions or aspects of self all the time as we do this or that, think this or that, feel this or that, sense this or that. The key is to bring it into the centred self to see how it resonates with your energies or self, common sense to drive your centred self desires the way you need them to go. The deeper you get in comprehension the more awareness and broadness you to decide harmlessly by choice the lighter less harmful life. We do all this day and night, sleeping or awake and duly work consciously as and when necessary but if not it gains weight and potency to become more present to the conscious reality that we hold as constant or trended through life perceptions or presence of self. The journey into the depth of the self is a knowledge hungry mission to understand the grandeur of the being that I am. This is not a statement to say you should listen to me it is a statement that works for another human being as with all life beings as the energy is neutral by form or vibration or type or diversity as it all wraps up into an energy structure or system universally wide.

Means having to trust a lot and assume by means of acceptance others aspects at first but becoming self aware to produce the greater side of self, healthier, fitter, kinder, stronger by self direction of choice of self desire to what it is you need to become not so much of what you want but the centred self as it is and the directional self of what you are doing and seeing more broadly where your going to decipher the best, most harmless route in my case which resonates outwardly to others for the same interpretation, allowing for cultural, life, and location, vibrational trends.

Range and scopes or frameworks I call them the extent of each area to which it reaches by means of comprehension or perception. The thoughts we have; extend outwardly through emotion and vibration into a global conscious awareness to which is picked up by others in there way or attitude or culture or language to their comprehension or life trends or circumstances or presence. The range that we associate are by means of identified matter which terms the object or aspect as is as defined and broaden by means of depth to extend its relativities of its awareness and functions or procedure or presence. The reality to vibrations, not in the density of conscious awareness, but of matter in the context of dimensional or depth of perception. What we see is only in part thereof what is vibrational and extends universally wide, so we choose to see by choice less of what the relevancies can be by filtering down the aspects to gain a comprehensible notion to that reality of awareness by conscious positioning. As we shift our awareness or point of presence we inspire the necessary scope to shift from our outwardly aware presence emotionally, thoughtfully, vibrationally. The grander the scope the more broadness or awareness can be filtered through to self awareness duly into self consciousness.

The visions of direction come from whether you are engineer ally minded, mechanically minded, scientifically minded, mathematically minded, leadership orientated, worker orientated, helpful, healer, prophet, managerial, family orientated to filter the relevancies for the aspects of self presence. Not defined as a singular linear focus but as a dimensionally dynamic awareness and adjustable by moments of changes that transpire in the direction of self awareness or position of desires and trends of life towards the realities of the conscious self.


From the depth of our existences comes the insight, through layers into reality.

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