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Letting Go...

Words are only needed for the moment the words are spoken…

Thoughts are only needed to inspire the presence of words that are manifested…

Emotions are only needed to inspire the direction of thoughts…

Vibrations are only needed to form the emotions to feel…

Energy is forever present…

No past is necessary only an inspiration from hereto…

No future is necessary only to evolve the current…

Now is forever present shaping the way we all interact or evolve…

No need for anything but what is present…

The aspects of self have no future or past, they are in design to do what is set from you. Trend of life build the designs this way or that for matter to know which way or not. As the moment continues the potency increases once again by choice to pronounce the aspects of self. As it builds it increases, as you let it go it decreases. The centred soul is pure of energy; the matter streams built of vibrations, emotions, thoughts, words, actions is the denser, harder aspects of self. Letting go… is the essence of letting everything be as it is, understanding just the bit you understand, relating just the bit and relate, acting on the bit you act. Pushing thyself consciously, builds the essence of self to progress densely, the less dense you proclaim the lighter or freer you become.

The awareness of self grows into oneness whereas all of everything is therein part of all of the self, the aspects of self correlate to the aspects of surroundings or of global magnitude, the more peaceful you inspire the more peaceful your surroundings as is in one is in all, by there own choice, as most want the calm, peaceful, tranquil life the more people become by intent that to which they are, globally inspired by majority.

Astral, cosmic energy coming in with its instructions is transpired by intent to become a lighter side of self, more peaceful, harmless and duly from the self is the same to the inspired end of peace and tranquillity. Peace resonates. As from the cosmos from the Earth the inspired energies from the planet to day the same, send and receive and inspiring the greater good, i.e.. Peaceful resonance within expels outwardly the same and duly received then inspired again. As the smallest aspects of self are combined in instructions the self desires from the instruction is to be the self but inspiration in most part will succeed in precedence to become. So if the inspiration of the planet is for peace, harmless nature, tranquil mannerism then the self is responsible for becoming just that, believe you are peaceful, tranquil, harmless and that is what it is in the moment, every moment. The more you are influenced y external attitudes, occurrences or issue the more you will be inspiring just that type of person you wish not to be. If you want peace, say “I am peaceful” and follow it up with a constant believe that you are peaceful at every given moment that you consider it. No need to think I wish to be peaceful as it is not the current moment you are wishing for; hence it can never come about.

There are a lot of dynamics in between which we get help up on as the focus of our consciousness needs to know what to do if we have not previously assigned a method. The smallest details are part thereof the whole being understood, so the desire to become whole is from all the details needing to know or give instruction too. Sounds a lot but the essence of the soul carries forward that to which it has undertaken before so the extent of the knowledge to the details could be a lot or a little. Older soul’s will have less of a need to relate to details of reality than younger souls as with previous incarnations to any life forms you’ll already have given or set instructions on how to go about certain elements or energies of the self. This is why individual characteristics are not comparative with just one lifetime but all lifetimes of all life forms, everything must be in presence in part of the whole or the whole cannot be whole. Planetary wide these aspects go, not to be known consciously in most but relative in all. The transitional aspects of the vibrational changes of the planet are lightening the density so words resonate, a lighter feel to them, words use for explanations or conversing are less harsh. Watch the intensity of conversations in films, news, media, billboards, adverts. The aspects of marketing change with the shifting of vibrational reality of the planet. You can see them individually but only understand them wholly. Perception gives weight to understanding, as perception sees more of deeper vibrations the more aspects become known to the consciousness, insights, and ideas.

Being present or being in the now is just about the essence of self free flowing with the resonance of the planet in all who sails in her. Letting go does not mean to not think it is just pointing out to your consciousness that the only thing you need to worry or concern yourself about is the moment right now. Then the insights or inspirations are key to developing the now in direction of visions or dreams which are also current now, progressively you become less aware of thinking about doing it and notice more about doing it and what it affects, how it causes certain aspects of the self to change.

Every thought, every dream, every insight, every method, every procedure, every reality to be let go to bring about the essence of what exists behind it, before it, so the awareness can readdress the balance of the deeper side of self. As it goes it grows. As in all life it shows the same. All the senses, all the feelings, all the thoughts, all the words can be readdressed to renew how or what they represent. Bringing the essence of the deeper insights or instincts through for a more harmless, peaceful, tranquil life if that is what you so wish. All aspects of all objects of all comes about with new insights, instincts and awareness’s to be progressed to the highest notion plausibly possible perceptionally or in belief to resonate or paint a picture to the consciousness of the new understanding from the new instructions, currently doing it but become more aware, the broader awareness inspires by choice a greater need to progress and speedier development for transitional development of self, only need to worry about self matter’s not anyone or anything else external to you, as you resonate a deeper more harmless state within your sphere’s all else follows suit, excluding the freewill directional manifestations of others. The vibration will resonate, the manifestation is to every individuals own interpretation of their belief systems design.

In most part all resonates with all vibrationally then duly becomes present into the given directional presence of self, something like a tree will resonate vibrationally and become present whereas our density of self reality needs to urn through aspects or restrictions we’ve set for ourselves in emotional spheres, thoughts forms, verbal communications, physical actions. Being the majority of humanity today, resonating to the extents of reality today.


From the depth of our existences comes the insight, through layers into reality.

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