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Perceptional Reality and Deepening

When we take a look at something perceive it we settle for our comprehension of but these are workable modules. In each that perceivably understand or comprehend we begin an overview matching our energy positions of entire self, its our whole picture that drives our individual comprehension. If you intend to comprehend everything to its fullest and allow it to show you what it is and does you inspire a more broader picture of the whole in everything that inspires the whole of the self to be broadly understood. In every moment of every conversation there is depth and potency that matches the required awareness or reality framework currently set by you. What becomes your reality is the constants in trends of action and interpretation of events or occurrences in daily life. Deepening the self understanding is therefore not just the separate individual element but the whole to understand a deeper comprehension of one thing transpires a deeper understanding of all things as the whole does so does the focus of conscious reality. So whereby finding a deeper understanding of self all external or internal aspects need to be driven in the same regard as all is connected with each other, inspiring one and not another aspect of life will only counter balance the thoughts sustaining the self reality as is. Shifting consciousness is about moving the comprehension from what it is currently to something the same but deeper or broader than it was before. No timescale necessary it depends on drive and ambition to self realization, where you want to or not. Any doubts in areas will need to be understood, comprehended before moving wholly forward. To restrict the flow of some energy negates the other to grow and evolve as is with one is with all.

The same Perceptional depth can give insights a greatly broader aspect by the same means as you envelop more about your internal working perception ally you comprehend more about all external comprehensions internally about external objects. Giving rise to understanding that to which is not yourself but is yourself. As all is the same in regards to itself. The more grow and inspire that internal depth within you the more your experiences deepen with insight to progress towards your desires in the same way you perceive as before but with a greater knowledge and insight to choose the correct path or option at any given moment. The more you comprehend in a split second the more ability you have to overcome, adjust or comprehend a given situation or event in your life to inspire its outcome to be something better or less harmful than it was before. The more you do this the more you transpire it to happen each time and build a trend of how to approach or analyse an occurrence. When a certain depth of self is understood your life seems to flow with life and comprehension of other aspects externally seem less harmful or irritable or annoying than they ever were before but your consciously aware of the progress events that cause the action to occur in such a way and change it if necessary. Allowing for gestation periods for energy movement being inspired by your inspiration. Many work together to become that to which they desire without seeing that which is within being the comprehension towards the aspects or elements to get there.


From the depth of our existences comes the insight, through layers into reality.

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