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The Whole Picture

I perceive and believe that everything is whole, a sphere, a ball. I perceive and believe that everything is relevant, not necessarily to me but relevant so I am there in part of something greater than anything I consciously perceive physically or spiritually. everything thought, sound, motion, feeling, emotion resonates with everything else around. as I drive myself consciously I inspire the energies within and around to do the same. hence I align with all to sense and progress all. awareness changes the moment you tap into a perception of all is all. time for reality consciousness is one that we expect immediate results I perceive that when I act, think, do, move it is immediate and the relativities of matter have to be manifested encompassing the realities and properties of all other elements around. my understanding of self is moving more towards I am energy than I am human.


notice the little things to see how they are not how we perceive then we can perceive them following that awareness this in turn gives weight to understanding something as is before making any sub-conscious judgement towards it which resonates outwardly to it. Awareness, perception and belief all change frequently, take a look at your life and how now you would do things differently, but then take a look at all that is connected to all and perceive that if you change something about you or circumstance you wouldn't be the you you are now or the surrounding, could be better, could be worse but reality is now so everything has to be present and working with everything that is now.


life brings about many energies that are easy to comprehend and flow through and also hard. the difference being what we have done before in terms of awareness (i.e. ignored it, which builds potency), perceived it (judged it to be something its not, cycle coming around again) or believed it to something its not and relativities to myself as I am along this pathway. commonalities are that energy in its wholeness is all the same and the properties within the energy as in how it inspires it self forward by mirroring our instinctual aspects which is us reading our own energy, properties. all energy is the same so when looking at tree somewhere in the depth of perception of the physical aspects of the tree there in lies the wholeness of energy, energies there's more than one they are so small and vibrating so highly that we cannot currently perceive they are there from the physical positioning we are at as our extent of framework will only go so far, hence why we have so much diversity, if you add together all diversity difference's and emotional difference's you start to see a whole picture. Emotions have layers whereby you can be angry or happy in many degrees, like very angry or very happy you know it is this way but working with it is a different game, consciously we need to perceive it from a point of view as I am anger to perceive what the anger is as is function or design or properties (I use properties because it is broad, detail is specific to life trends and circumstances or positioning).

So everything just happily goes about its business all together at the same time, amazing system but hard to perceive, have to get to a point within the self where all this is not just perceivably possible but is real in the sense of your reality.


From the depth of our existences comes the insight, through layers into reality.

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