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As we go about being aware, perceiving, believing we set our perception on something rather than the perception itself. we choose that fact as is is what it is rather than perceiving in differences of perception of fact, what is fact to one is not to another, imagine fact as a sphere and your perception can only perceive 36 degrees of that sphere physical consciousness, so depending where your current conscious position is and relativities like emotions (coming from point of view of anger or love) the fact is perceived differently hence differences of opinions but in reality it is just seeing part of a whole combine all perceptions and the whole becomes known, less of a need to discuss or argue about a given subject or object due to the focus of attention, consciousness is that sphere not each other, also helps with emotional manipulation due to not trying to adjust someone to your way of thinking but collaborating to understand and progress, evolve the energy it is and within you.

Every conversation is potentially a manipulative function of desire, I want you to believe me, rather than I believe this and you believe that and we together can inspire a greater understanding or depth if we combine resources, knowledge, wisdom to understand as much relativity as possible. this is also where 12 knowledge's, 12 scrolls of Atlantis, 12 tribes come from whereby the 12 x 36 degrees creates a whole picture consciously. Our own consciousness is subjected to only about 36 degrees, 10% that we utilise, not seeing the other aspects of any given object or matter, it relates. I have to admit this is far fetching that I can perceive this based on only seeing 10% at anyone given time. my consciousness seems to scan all knowledge's, areas, segments for any given object which enables me to grasp an overview to which then by conscious intent I go into more detail if necessary to understand more detail relative to the object or subject. if I could do everything consciously myself I would have no need for anything else, but if I include the relativities of all is all in energy I along with everything and everyone relate to the same equations but each individual perceives to their extent the relativities to their consciousness and meaning of life.

My quest into this arena is life long and I believe that I cannot of come to this understanding without being the energy before. Leaves me to also believe in previous lifetimes so that I was this and that working through life training and learning about all the relativities and aspects of life from different positions, scientist, Politian, royalty, farmer, sportsman...etc. that the overview I know have is from the development and evolvement of my individual soul progressively lifetime after lifetime. just relating to the energies I can to relate to today's physical realities. I seem to find that I flow through life much easier than most but still do the same thing as everyone else but with greater depth of understanding, knowledge or wisdom. therein I become the energy I have always been and so on. relativity to understanding immortality.


From the depth of our existences comes the insight, through layers into reality.

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