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Reality Watch

As you go by your reality being present in  a mental aptitude or thoughts you watch or observe the aspects relating to your physical interaction from and to yourself giving greater insight by means of thoughts ready to interject where necessary this is why in a group meeting you’ll find better understanding while outside the direct conversation between two people than in the conversation, your conscious focus gives weight and density i.e.. more energy to create the density of focus and concentration at this area vibration ally and neglects the other aspects or abilities within until there after a rethink or wave of energy is read to be understood at your layer of your reality so the your reality defined by you becomes present again and is constantly fed to meet your desired comprehensions. Different for each individual but capacity to understand all individuals. The same is to said on an emotional reality as your constant whereby the relativity to you by means of emotion and feeling your way is your reality that the thoughts and physical activity becomes less potent again as depth of understanding all the densities within is broader and greater insight or depth or understanding is obtained from this position. Again on a Vibrational basis for the emotional and thoughts and physical interactions….so how deep do you want to go or know. It has to become you and you it as a constant routine for it to feed your conscious desire to become reality at this area or scope or framework of Vibrational existence. You’ll notice along the way that around the emotional to Vibrational mark that your mental comprehensions change from polarities like yes or no, right or wrong to a more neutral aspect where both right and wrong is not just plausible but real. There in lies a calmer mannerism as either right or wrong, good or bad resonates a potency that is already sensed vibrationally before the emotions and thoughts and physical action comes about.

Acceptance of self, honesty and loyalty are key elements while shifting that to be truly honest with every aspect of self good and bad become relevant to self and sharing knowledge. To get to a Vibrational mannerism you need to filter out the filters in place to let go of the current position to deepen the awareness and conscious focus driven by your means of understanding or comprehension. Relating to everything in a framework of Vibrational elements means seeing and being aware of depths external to you as well, the quest goes on and on, just touching the surface. The amount of information is immense just looking at it in a physical manner across the world, then enfolding the thoughts on every given element of current reality and understanding it in terms of thoughts purer than before, to inspire the relevance to become you constantly, which is why you cannot know everything as it then transpires into emotional reality and Vibrational reality on every little tiny thing that is exists. Collating the parts that are relevant to your reality and inspiring your direction of where or what to know or go next and taking an understanding at various layers collaborating it all together to give a focus conscious food for thought to development in the reality or mannerism of insight towards that to which you desire working with the moments of each element or object or thing necessary becoming more and more aware of inner workings of self. The prime objective for me is not to know everything but have the capacity to know what I need to know where ever I go doing what ever I do in the most harmless way possible and adjusting attitudes, emotions, vibrations, thoughts and actions to relate to the existing moment as deeply as possible.


From the depth of our existences comes the insight, through layers into reality.

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