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Finding the right thoughts or words or feelings to represent the emotions or senses being deciphered come from your wisdom to interpret vibrations within and around as you go, as you move and position for different relevancies you will have already moved through vibrations and adjusted vibrationally for the given moment and the knowledge and wisdom held within you is how you decipher the current moment, the more you flow with the moment now accepting aspects as you go the more you will understanding in the moment of need to act accordingly from your point of view, position of consciousness and duly flow with life rather than deal with potencies you then force away of emotions or thoughts, how you believe you should have it your way consciously rather than accepting the realities of the moment that is whereby all is what it is and you are passing through. Seemingly just a visitor trying not to disrupt much and give direction or insight to inspire a higher vibrational extent to come about then duly it in turn allows every bit of energy to inspire itself with freewill.

Your thoughts are aware of the lower vibrational densities which have been driven to the matter we see or can touch, scanning or searching the planet is noticing something, deepening insight towards it is just allowing the thoughts to go the way they go, the feelings to emotions are resonant with forms, movements and positions of what is then duly vibrational you are connected with that object or thought not in terms of physical matter but in terms of vibrational resonance. All that is is connected whether you can see it, feel it, sense it, touch it, hear it and some. The more you go towards these perceptions with an open mind the more you’ll pick up on trends whereby something like this starts getting clearer or stronger as it is given weight to do so by means of awareness or attachment at some layer. So the next time you pick up an apple known that the apple is an apple and some. It had to be to become what it is, as do you.


From the depth of our existences comes the insight, through layers into reality.

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