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Simply Hello

Try out different ways of saying Hello, notice different strengths of saying it and vibrational responses from normal replies, also be observant to the extended look or curious reply from another whereby the other is aware of a difference but not consciously knowing what it is due to not consciously expecting it. It changes the way the conversation flows as it starts from a new point, the words can be the same but the mannerism changes, the presence changes, the trust changes you’ll see this come through in conversations, more open and friendly if the Hello is unconditionally a happy Hello and by that I mean not a Hello for them but a Hello from within yourself which is Happy. Makes a difference because you cannot change someone else only they can change by your intent if they so choose. Most people want to be Happy so the essence of Happier vibration from your Hello inspires the same from others and they know it to some degree within themselves, that was a nice Hello, you’ve changed, your different….etc.

Applies to all words and how you present them, you start seeing in others aspects of mannerisms that the energy instructions are coming through there consciousness. There are degree’s of potency I like to call it whereby the Happy motion or notion is more potent based on inner self belief of this happening. The more you inspire a stronger Hello the less Anger you feel as strength comes from your anger to which is filter then through your Heart for the Happy emotion your transpiring hence the strength gives weight to the Happiness of your intention. That vibration transpires to another which in turn is deciphered in the same manner giving weight to the Happiness being delivered. The unconditional part is so that the pure emotion transpires rather than one which is sent with conditions or other feelings or thoughts along with it. Just say Hello the happiest way you can feel, feel it and then think then deliver the word/s.

All emotions have levels of potency or degrees of strength as you inspire more of something it becomes greater by use of other aspects emotionally giving it weight. You define the filter system you want for yourself, have done all through life, from others or self comprehensions. When you give out your instructions of energy then let it go and see, if you expect or want something from what you give then you add conditions. This also will transpire and present itself in a conversation. When I was in a very anger, hateful manner or presence of self I couldn’t reach a happier presence because it needs building blocks, I had over the years built those blocks to the presence of everything I relate with to be perceive angrily inside. Now trying to change it to a peaceful, happy, tranquil presence became a difficult task, in essence the change happens immediately and I am then that happier person but the reality of physical presence and conscious mind sets are still running the old program so the best explanation I could give is that firstly believe something is so and continuously believe thereafter it is so, then work with your reality towards that belief of what is, the more you practice it the more you inspire it, the more you build it, the more changes towards it, and before you know it years have past and you are already in most part that to which you knew, realization. But by that time lots of other aspects have gone on which leads you this way and that way, these are important to as these are the essence of the whole self aligning with the requirement and intent you gave hence everything that has occurred since is relevant but you only see a small percent consciously of what is relevant and needs dealing with consciously or physically, the rest is dealt with emotionally, vibrationally, planetary. Energy gives weight to energy. Evolution loves evolution. The self loves the self. Self development loves self development. Life loves life.

Keep in mind that energy is you, energy is all around you, and energy is the Universe as you see it. If you changed your view on what is you will decipher new aspects of the energy you see and know. New energy has a new instructions and new ways of accomplishing the known physical conscious believes. Allowing changes and new energy instructions to show you (always allowing for freewill) you then have more opportunity to become greater or grander than before giving it your direction of life without changing anything but you and your energy. You are the master and commander of your cluster or group of energy designed as and for a label known as Human.

The higher or friendlier presence you can aspire to your way feeds your group of energy with instructions to the same that in turn inspires all energy to follow suit, allowing of individual energies or people or groups freewill. Many diversities go of this way and that way because they have too, the energy is whole so all the tiniest little details must be adhered too because they exist too.

Interestingly the belief that you set and then duly work on the reality to becoming the insight has its own mechanism of self acceptance to conscious belief which is positioned in reality of consciousness and depth of direction. As you work towards the insight there is layers (vibrational) that you work through and these are felt or sensed in the degree of reality acceptable to the physical self of reality. The more depth comes about by a trended cycle of dealing with the whole aspects towards that end, the insight and you sense your arena of working, this is where accepting reality as is and going with the flow becomes apparent to self awareness. Everything vibrationally aligns with the instincts or presence of self at that current moment. The more you drive forward or evolve through acts you need to do the more insightful or deeper you develop towards or insight, in most part what happens is the insight becomes broader to work through a range or framework of the whole self to align in best practice with the insight. Trial and error, cause and effect, if you go into something a conversation, a task, a thought and develop it towards your insight you will move forward to another aspects of the whole at the vibrational arena you currently reside in as your reality. If you go the other way a denser approach it becomes restrictive to the direction of intent. You cause your own potency of energy to which need to be addressed, then duly it builds as you build it.

Small easy steps in the direction of belief that is plausible from your current position is key to smoothly develop the progress you inspire towards your vision or dream state. When dreaming or visualizing add in the purest feelings, emotions, thoughts, vibrations, for everything plausible or aware of currently at that moment so the aspects of the full self can be inspired to the same then just act accordingly towards everything that comes at you or you need to deal with regardless of its position or mannerism or function or object so that you your self grows, as the vibrational state of self develops you develop to emotional highs or vibrational highs you have set and globally it resonates to a global emotional realm or vibrational realm so all else can be inspired by how you did it from your position for those to be inspired the same but there way of developing and progressing.

This is also relevant to strength of leadership of self belief. As you go about your way you intervene and pickup aspects relevant to you or new information that become in you an ever changing cycle of events, pure leadership leads the way in developing the broadest and complete desires and dreams from most, ultimate goal of all and everything. This is where allowance of self belief must change with the moments as you go through life, although your vision of reality is important so is all others, to integrate all of those is not necessary but be open to changes that align with the belief of yourself, not rigorously but smoothly allowing integration of mannerism or though or inspiration as with our consciousness only perceiving in most part our individual interpretation we need others people doing the same to build the group energy that which inspires all energies to become and gain weight to inspire all to become and gain weight to the inspiration or dream or vision of the self. Trust in that process is vibrational so comprehensions will only come when aligning a perception of it occurs and allowing your belief to integrate it within your conscious correlation of the scope of your dreams.

There is so much energy types and instructions that it takes all of everyone and everything just to represent it in the way we know consciously in our current day’s reality.


From the depth of our existences comes the insight, through layers into reality.

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