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Spherical Understanding

Take something, anything and look at it in as many ways as you plausibly can include all types of relevancies to that thing orthodox and unorthodox, spiritual, realistic, numbering, colours, sense, taste, smell and crate a relevancy or reference to your comprehensions of that given conscious item. Following this identify it from all aspects of points of view, labourer, gardener, family, friends, boss, Cleaner, Chairman, Happy person, Sad Person, Careful person, Bashful Person, Calm Person, Insightful Person, Creative Person, Analytical Person, Scientific Person…etc. Conceive what it is from your understanding or comprehension from these points over view which are positions of consciousness and collate and interpret them to an understanding of the given item or object. Do this with everything and you start building a database of information or knowledge to which you then duly comprehend your way for your wisdom?

Not just objects of matter, but also emotions, feelings, senses, aches, pains, health, fitness, consciousness, nature, planets, universe, animals, birds, fish, Air, Fire, Water, Earth…etc.

Begin to notice trends of what is and start to counter-relate backwards take an object an relate its relevancy or connection with you like nutrition, colours, vibrations to extent of seeing the relevancy of what it is to you. Giving it weight or potency to become that to which it is greater taste, greater nutrition, greater depth of colours uses all known methodologies, procedures, process’s to its given functions, or evolution, development or growth. Look at it from all positions of imagination as is all aspects are part of a sphere or globe full of properties of energies that are working together to become that apple. See how it relates to how you look at or go about your routines and functions to become you.


From the depth of our existences comes the insight, through layers into reality.

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