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Stages and Flows

Verbally we use our words of wisdom to shuffle our way through time and space, polarities albeit flowing with it is the thoughts that cross ourselves for it to go its way or move this way or that giving direction thoughtfully towards the verbs we use to which the sounds vibrate as do the brain waves of the thoughts in line which each other. Duly the emotional fields and energy positions match the desire for the words to come out with the essences of feelings or emotions collated with the emotions is the thoughts and then duly the words that resonate. Further or deeper still is the essence of vibrations or energy movement or sense to which include the above the emotional design or direction we set the thoughts that work with and duly the words to come about outwardly for sending energy or expelling the energy through the densities of self physical matter and inwardly through the same in reverse. Deeper aspects energy, light, and delivery of mass by means of vibrational densities. So as the energy pushes or manifests itself by our means we are choosing thee reality to watch and address, be aware of and interact with mostly in the verbal, words realms of self conscious focus. Here in lies the multidimensional self as we resonate and interact at all positions and push the energy to the required conscious focus density as in if the position of view point is at an emotional depth then the later the thoughts and words are not necessary to sustain the self awareness hence becoming lighter by means of vibrational density and less resistant to that the same of words and thoughts, giving a life of emotional reality to which is inclusive the thoughts and words currently projected. Reality interaction is with the multilayered or faceted aspects where we interact with the areas of dimensionality that we deem relevant to our position of presence. As we go through conversations or discussions we create and enhance, give weight to the same, to exist in a reality of emotional or vibrational realms or realities is duly the same as thoughts and words but the energy is lighter and less resistant to dense matter. Driving the easier life less resistant, less harmful, more peaceful than the verbal or thoughtful realities, all and everything works with all and everything so we choose to exist in this growing, evolution in the directional focus that we deem relevant to ourselves as our life trends become build of relevancies of densities to sustain the essence perceivably known as the self. Though there is more do we really need to act it out, as in the words are using energy to define a dense point the scope of understanding is the end point only giving less broadness to the comprehensions of what is at that moment. The thoughts inspire a broader essence or understanding, knowledge from that position verbally as words and the emotional there again broader and vibrationally by senses further and broader again.


From the depth of our existences comes the insight, through layers into reality.

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