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We Do So Much

Everything that we are is relevant to everything we do so directing that to which we are towards goals grander or greater in feelings or emotions or vibrations gives weight therefore to integrate and attract the energy necessary to adhere to the direction of focus. So from any given situation or any given presence of self angry, hateful, loving, kind the drive is towards where you’re positioned to where you’re going. A to B. the details or dynamics in between are the relevancies of life to adhere to your direction. Choices made towards the greater good of humanity encompass more weight as more people want that deep seated desire in them for themselves so one man becomes a flagship to become greater than self by weight or potency given by insight or intent for others to learn and achieve the same. as the majority becomes the present reality by its constant trends of desires to be better than before more harmonious than before, more loving or peaceful than before allowing for dynamics to change at an instance that to which is desire, as more information or knowledge is gain more weight and potency from each individual in majority is given the cause of growth and evolution to that end by means of action and re-action with the dynamics and as that changes the individual doing supposedly the same thing finds it easier and more comfortable than previous actions of the same regard. Life becomes easier Perceptional then believably and then duly in reality life is easier. This is about as much of the little things as it is on the greater things regardless of views or perceptions, the views and perceptions are just the workable reality for majority of individuals in their reality.

Acceptance of this reality is hard to come by as its not what we’ve consciously related too over the years of development so it is by our choice not to see the relevancies of life into a conscious comprehension. That’s part of what I’m trying to showing is that the more understanding you choose to give something become more resent in you consciously. The more you are conscious of something the more you give weight too, as you learn the conscious relevancies of any given thing you integrate the properties of that into yourself understanding so you grow, the deeper insights and intents grow and evolve in that direction with the presence you have so if your in a happy mood your growth cycle in that moment is a happy intent and vice versa in an angry mood the cycle is trended by that presence of self. Intent is the desire to that to become whereas anger can be intended to become lighter or less harmful than before giving weight to evolving to a lighter more harmless manner of self presence.

I continuously advise myself that I do not know anything and in so doing allowing my consciousness to let go of what I currently perceive consciously then allowing my consciousness to view, observe and interpret the information or energy that is transpiring in me this also is with a view point of knowing that I only work with what is present in me emotionally, vibrationally, energy, thoughts and physically so that in each moment the depth of and the broadness of can be inspired and relate to each moment. I started off by taking different given moment and looking deeper into them and how they relate. Has a lot to do with the age of my soul and energy collaborated over lifetimes all beit I cannot consciously know the whole of lifetimes previously as then I would become that to which once was and the energy surrounding is not what it was so it will not resonate the way it did before as the current reality is now. Its why we work with reality now not previously or future. Give insight into something is giving weight for it to become the future presence of itself by its own means and functions and methods to which it knows itself best. This is also why listening and learning off of people very where in all manners and attitudes and presence of themselves as it creates and manifests the greater understanding by means of seeing the depth faster than previously understood, we do this all the time whereas before a conversation would be interpretated to an extent over periods of movement, time, it would become a greater understanding and as the energy moves to work through filters in place to come about to a conscious understanding enough to adhere to what it was as energy or knowledge then and acted accordingly in the present conscious and physical reality. You learn as much from others (all life forms) as you do from the self, if not more so, but the carrier is yourself through it so its to integrate the awareness into perception and belief. My own drive is to understand all and becoming ever present so I’m actually choosing not to perceive or believe any given thing so that all things can be perceived and believed but that’s just my way. The essence of what I am comes about through all that I greet or meet to muster a greater comprehension and this is by means of self realization of things of past i.e.…rekindling matter streams which is a constant current view to see what I’ve brought about to become thyself and also new learning curves to enhance the understanding and knowledge of today and how it fits with the desire to become that to which I desire.

The essence of who I am is much more than previously perceived and so being the feeling of self becomes greater as awareness of self and appreciation of self becomes more potent as the broader and depth insights come pouring in. the aim is to become a pure channel so that in a given moment pure essence of energy and knowledge comes through like a funnel and the self is maintained by means of sustaining thyself in terms of awareness, perception and belief to enhance and evolve the matter known as myself in physical to which increases the amount of DNA strands as in a given moment a global awareness occurs. I believe that we only have 2 active strands as we choose not to see all the rest of what is going on, there are relevancies astrologically and universally that relate, but the sense of self is becoming ever more present to the reality of the belief. Although everything happens when it happens and then duly the journey is taken for it to come into fruition I must be aware and make that I constantly adhere to what I need to adhere too for this to come about the more it comes about and the more I act accordingly the more it manifests into a way of reality. As this goes on I change to come about along with the aspects of Perceptional reality that I see sensing the way to go and feeling the layers or levels of potency to what is deemed necessary to act upon.


From the depth of our existences comes the insight, through layers into reality.

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