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A Story of Human Existence

Thousands of years before now, they came to know that the essence of what they are is universal energy. The life they live always balancing with all that exists, being the job or work to do this. As energy, moves universally about the elements within a Human, dynamically by choice of re-balancing, changes that which are around. Duly as a Human being will do, what it deems it needs the universal energy adjusts accordingly.

The matter of streams is relevant here to explain the extent of distance perceived from there to here. The energy filters through with movement then within the vibrations caused, effect structures and forms. Created from Humanity, duly within again the thought forms and methods sustain, and become reality; we perceive the words and physical actions are an intended need.

The journey of a being now in Human form is half way through life without knowing what it is he was prior to this life of strife. As the focus of the being is in a layer of words and actions, the extent of depth of awareness only goes as far as emotional relevance, albeit he is managing the rest the conscious restrictions are in effect. However, something is different there is no restriction to the extent that he perceives. How does this man perceive the daily life of his Humanity and be.

The journey of the self is an interesting one to begin at a College in London. The 12 keys decoding the 12 knowledge is of his reality. The key bearers by insight power the direction of the planet. The 13th knowledge guides reality. Set within the energy of the universe is the knowledge’s of everything that is whether we become loving, hateful, fearful, angry, kindness, compassionate, empathic through our life. The 13th bearer is the sum of all the 12 as a prime interface for direction of the planet. Long ago in a reality, way before the present, a soul with energy that had decoded information on how to heal the planet, to protect the planet the energy encoded with 12 souls has to decipher instructions to heal the planet when all 12 become one again. Hidden within all lifetimes was the essence of what has come about today.

To journey through lifetimes, with the trials and tribulations to be ever present as the 13th bearer. The journey involves the single mum, the politician, the technician, the scientist, the artist, the king, the cleaner, the banker, the architect, the gardener, the sportsman, and the mechanic. The present day involves the retracing and finding of the soul’s that hold the keys of knowledge, to bring together as one. Other aspects involve Wizardry, Magic, Beings, Dragons, Fairies, Angels, Elementals, Demons, Warlocks, Witches, Humans, Death, Destruction, Harmony, and Peace.

Combining all that is good and bad all that is ok and sad. To ascend this reality you must first learn to live in this reality as all parts of reality, the harmful, the loving, the caring, the hurtful, the supportive, and the destructive. Once the lifetimes have past and the being can exist in each of all the realms of knowledge they can ascend with full knowledge of where they are ascending. The neutral reality that influences and applies energy to all aspects of the current is reality. No harm can affect the beings of neutral reality. All matter exists within all realities.

Stories of Love, Stories of Compassion, Stories of Destruction, Stories of Harm and Anger, Stories of Action, Stories of Adventure, Stories of Myth and Magic, Stories of Competition and Excellence, Stories of Elegance and Grace, Stories of Manipulation, Stories of Drama all become in part towards the whole. The power keys are power to influence awareness, power to influence perception, power to influence consciousness, power to influence thoughts, power to influence words, power to influence belief, ability to fly, ability to teleport, ability to move objects, ability to be invisible, ability of telepathy, ability of healing. Each incarnation he does not know he has previous abilities or powers, he needs to find out and identify with them each time and see what else he can obtain.

Suspense while all this is going on and others are on the same journey to inspire their intent of the world onto the populace for their gain. As the previous incarnation influences his next there is a period of living the way he did without understanding why, changing his / her intent of self, mannerism to existing reality, and finding the key.

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From the depth of our existences comes the insight, through layers into reality.

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