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A Story of Human Existence

This is the story of a being that is one of the most evolved souls ever perceived, coming of age to suggest changes to this reality. The knowledge known be understood and comprehended within; to share is only a manifestation of part of the knowledge to be that filters through technology called Humanity.

The start happens trillions of years ago where a being of light came to know the essence of him on show. Developed over time a reality to be, full of advanced technology called Humanity. The beings are the same as the Universe as part of it is universe.

The working environment must be set in place for a self-regulating system within the universe. The world manifested as part of this team of energy modules sustaining the universal energies. Energy moves and resonates to created the densities to manifests and create the elements within the world within space. There are layers you see that energy runs through each layer getting denser until densities align to reality.

Nature is in charge of the elements to sustain the energy fields of a planet. Masses of energy filters through layers to become denser matter organically and dynamically renewed. The energy is constant to continuously be updating and sustaining with new information from the universe.

Life forms introduced to be freely living and sustaining themselves. Forms are a manifestation like legs, arms, body, and face. The energy forms though within these Humans that is, need to function and adapt dynamically. Let the Humans decide on what they need as they are a creation of themselves to use all the resources universally that they perceive. As in one layer, it filters through to the denser layers to be and reviewed or used. Each layer has protection or physics not to interfere but filter through other layers.

The energy modules called Soul’s universally are training and integrating into the Human form or body. This way they can intend the means of what they choose in there freely living surroundings and environment. All already known, as a Soul is to be with every movement of energy universally a restriction of dimensions shall apply to prevent the awareness from layers of densities to create from a position layered onwards from that moment integrated within the body. The restriction will work as a range so that the extent of depth will be that of two layers of conscious energy filtering within.

The freewill then applies within the scope of this range. This way they can freely be moving with denser energies filtered through the Human bodies aligned with their choice of reality determined by Human actions or interactions. Assisting with the lack of insight all surrounding energies will service the needs of those restricted by this we mean that if asked to provide something of service to Humanity the energies will filter through and provide if requested the directional understanding or guidance that Human being need.


From the depth of our existences comes the insight, through layers into reality.

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